Does Noiva do Cordeiro Women “Desperate” for Men For Real?

Does Noiva do Cordeiro Women Really Desperate for Men, or Do They Want Something Else


If you think you have read or know everything about Noiva do Cordeiro women—they are beautiful and looking for men in their lives—read here to know the complete (real) story behind it.

Noiva do Cordeiro is a small, beautiful village situated in Southeast Brazil, 100 km away from Belo Horizonte, covered in Belo Vale (a beautiful valley).

The village is full of beautiful trees and flowers and beauty in general.

Homes in this valley are painted in unique colors, and completely decorated with trimmed trees across the streets.

However, what makes Noiva do Cordeiro stand out the most is its powerful, egalitarian women’s community.

Yes, the place is beautifully dominated by women.

Of course, there are also men population in Belo Vale in contrast to many previous stories published about the place.

But, the story of this beautiful village is not just about women calling the shots and being positioned powerfully, it’s much deeper than it seems.

Also, according to many rumors, the majority of women there are unmarried and looking for a groom. Will try to clarify this later in the article!

Well, the whole narrative of Noiva do Cordeiro women desperately looking for a partner only got famous back in 2014 when many publications wrote about the same.

However, the complete story of Noiva do Cordeiro women is not as straightforward as it comes across.

So, let’s try to unfold everything right here!

The History Behind the All-Women Community of Noiva do Cordeiro-

Noiva do Cordeiro women community
Noiva do Cordeiro women community (Image Credit: National Geographic)


To begin with, it’s not like there are no men in this village and every woman there is unmarried.

Some of them are married and even have families, but their husbands are required to work away from the house and are only permitted to come home on weekends.

Also, sons are sent away at the age of 18 and no other men are allegedly allowed to reside in the community, which is located 60 miles east of Belo Horizonte in a secluded valley.

And, the history goes like this…

A young woman and her family were excommunicated from the Catholic Church in the 1890s after she was charged with adultery, and that is when the settlement was set up.

Apparently, she was not in love with the man she got married to. So she decided to not live with him and leave.

But this thought was not well accepted and ruffled some feathers back then, pushing her to leave her village and settle down in Noiva do Cordeiro.

According to some other accounts, another story first appeared in 1940 when Anisio Pereira, a young man, married a very young woman in the village who was just 16 at the time.

In Noiva do Cordeiro, he later established a society and a church, but he also imposed some puritanical laws and limitations on the local women, restricting their lives at the time.

However, over the years, as the number of single women and families with mothers only increased, numerous attempts by males to interfere with their way of life led them to apparently establish a strict “no male” policy.

So, today, women are in charge of every area of life in rural towns, including farming, town planning, and even religion. Girl power is the order of the day there.

Noiva do Cordeiro’s people wouldn’t have it any other way, but it has left them with just one issue, allegedly.

According to a report published many years ago in the British newspaper The Telegraph, the majority of the Noiva do Cordeiro women were unmarried and were seeking romantic partnerships.

In the same report, you can read the quotes of two and three Noiva do Cordeiro, looking for love and men in their lives. They read like this-

“Here, the only men we single girls meet are either married or related to us; everyone is a cousin,” argued Nelma Fernandes, 23. For a very long time, I haven’t kissed a man. Everybody hopes to find love and wed in our lifetime.

The 42-year-old Noelie Fernandes Pereira works in the village’s rice, vegetable, and fruit fields for both self-sufficiency and financial gain. She is one of 80 agricultural laborers, almost all of whom are women, who are shielded from the harsh noon sun by wide-brimmed straw hats. She claims that everyone’s love makes this place unique.

One of the most beautiful ladies in the town and a part-time folk singer, Marcia Fernandes, 33, says: “It’s wonderful having all the women working together here. Even when we are working extremely hard, we share every minute, and life is good because we are always with friends and constantly taking care of one another.

To let you know, this was one of the most circulated and popular reports back then.

There were many such published articles back then, claiming that Noiva do Cordeiro women looking for suited men and everything in between.

What Is The Reality Behind Noiva Do Cordeiro Women Appealing Men For Marriage?

Noiva do Cordeiro women
Noiva do Cordeiro women


According to a report published back in August 2014 by BBC Brasil, these mass campaigns of women in Noiva Do Cordeiro appealing to suited men for marriage were completely baseless and held little to no truth.

Here are some of the quotes by women of Noiva Do Cordeiro mentioned in the BBC report in this regard-

Noiva do Cordeiro independent women
Noiva do Cordeiro independent women


Rosalee Fernandes, 49, who has lived there since she was a young child, is the one who disputes this.

She is one of the “interviewees” who are featured in publications like the Huffington Post and the British Daily Mail as well as on websites like Metro.

“There is undoubtedly no campaign. I skipped the interview. It’s ludicrous to have put ourselves in this situation.”

Also, according to this BBC Brazil report, the population there is not 600 women but only 300 residents, combining both men and women in a similar ratio.

Eventually, according to the BBC, the mass publication about this small village in Brazil should be about the independent power of women, working collectively in different unique fields to provide for their families.

They work in the fields or make handicrafts like carpets, bedspreads, and lingerie, as well as agricultural goods made from milk and cattle, on a regular basis, says the BBC.

The local group also served as the women’s means of overcoming discrimination in the nearby villages when men weren’t there during the week.

The main reason was that, in the past, locals from other towns used to tax the women there as prostitutes because they were alone. The females in Noiva do Cordeiro claim that they want to be respected more than anything else.

Rosalee, a resident of the village, conveys to the BBC, “Please, you need to help us disprove this rumor, young man. These are honorable people in this land.”

So, what do you think Noiva and Cordeiro women exactly want? Are they “desperately” looking for a man or just wanting to be treated with respect and equality?

Which side of the story do you believe? Let us know your opinions and thoughts!

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