Horror Story on Honeymoon resort and dracula

Honeymoon Resort and Dracula Horror Story will give you Goosebumps!

Honeymoon Resort and Dracula: “Hello friends, I’ve come for you. I bring you the story of Blood Sucking Demon and Honey Resort, which will keep you on the edge of your seats. Let’s start this story filled with romance and thrill. On a terrifying night, a frightening car was being driven down a deserted road. The driver was driving the car fast in the darkness.

His pregnant wife was crying in the back seat. Her cries could shake anyone’s heart on that deserted road. She was crying and hitting the car seats with her hands. Then she said to her husband Rahul, “Please do something, this pain is unbearable for me. Please do something for God’s sake. I’m going to die. This pain is not bearable anymore.” Rahul said, “Don’t worry Simran, I will ask for help on the way. You just relax. Just now there is a…”

Rahul told Baba that his wife is lying in the car and she is in pain due to pregnancy. Baba asks if there is any nurse or hospital nearby, but there is none. However, there is a toll booth of Banjaras nearby which may help. Rahul goes with Baba to the toll booth and gets the required help.

Honeymoon Resort and Dracula Horror Story

On the way, he kept worrying about the condition of his wife. When they reach the toll booth, he sees two shining heads and gets surprised. But when he looks back, there is no one there. He got scared. It seems like you have a story to share. Could you please provide some more context or clarify what you need help with?

Three big difficulties were overcome. Father told the son to take it easy on his wife’s pregnancy. Anything could happen to the baby. Rahul’s thoughts went straight to the baby. Then, he quickly focused his attention on the pain and went to the simer, where he went to ask for help from the bazaar people. There were some women, men and children in the bazaar.

Their leader quickly sent some women to simer’s side. Simer’s time of delivery had come. She was lifted into a litter. Simer’s condition was getting worse and worse due to the pain. Then, suddenly, a strange skill appeared in her womb, which showed veins as the earth splits during earthquakes.

It seemed as if the baby would come out of the womb at any moment. The bazaar women also started crying after seeing her condition. Everyone came after hearing their voices. Everyone’s eyes were fixed. At that moment, a woman who was considered to be an expert in these matters came forward. She asked the people to bring a lot of hot water. She then took a knife and made an incision on simer’s stomach. The baby’s head appeared.

The woman held the baby’s head and pulled it out. The baby was born. The bazaar people shouted in joy. Simer’s condition started to improve after the baby was born. The bazaar people also started to take care of Simer.

Everyone’s soul trembled after seeing this gruesome scene and the child started drinking blood of people one after the other but his hunger was not getting satisfied. Everyone started running here and there to save their lives.

That’s why Sadhu Baba took off the rosary of Rudraksh lying around his neck, chanted some mantras and broke the rosary and gave one Rudraksh bead to everyone, with the effect of which the child’s subjugation became ineffective. He started appearing like an ordinary child but he was born in a few moments.

The newborn baby looked the same. The edge of blood was still in his mouth which was making the aura of the boy’s face even more hideous and devious as he laughed as if he was saying. Till then children will also come under the stick one day. Sometimes there suddenly a strong wind started blowing and a tornado arose in which it took the form of a shadow. He took that child in his arms and flew away. The dust storm ended in no time.

The whole atmosphere became calm. On the one hand, the body of a swimmer was lying there, and on the other hand, the dead bodies of many eunuchs were also lying outside, for which Rahul considered himself responsible. He was crying bitterly on his destruction. That’s why Sadhu Baba put his hand on his shoulder. they said what is this?

This child is another form of the devil. He does not seem to be your child from anywhere. Rahul said right you said this is not my child.

It’s been six days since our wedding. I’ll tell you the whole thing. I was madly in love with each other since those Simar college days and wanted to marry each other. Our parents were also ready for our marriage. Despite this intensity, we never crossed our limits. After our study, my mother told my and Simar’s horoscope to her guruji.

Guruji saw Simar’s horoscope and said that Simar was born in a special constellation. There is some crisis in that too. Therefore, this marriage should not take place, otherwise the lives of the bride and groom may be at risk.

Our family members explained a lot to us but we were ready to die with each other. But wanted to get married at any cost. We went on a honeymoon three days after the wedding. On the way we found a wonderful resort which was converted from an old mansion. Me and Simar went excited seeing the place. I told Simar dear!

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