Blitz Birth Poetry-Midnight Miracle!

Blitz Birth Poetry in English

In the whole unique universe,
The origin of blitz birth,
Merely due to a pre-decided plan,
Or an uncontrolled exciting accident.
Sometimes gently sometimes stupidly,
So far not so sure about the result,
Normal-abnormal- subnormal,
Dump death or midnight miracle.
Seriously all these wow wonders,
Just creativity of a meson moment.
I-you-we-they living or non-living,
No one knows the girth of birth,
The measuredly measured motto.
When you get birth you cry,
& all around you feel joy,
When you die you feel joy,
& all around you cry.
The process of birth,
Again & again try,
So here is no end,
In the whole unique universe,
The origin of blitz birth…
                 The origin of blitz birth
Arun“@gyat” Pancholi
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