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Romantic Poem: Believe Me Love Never Wants

Romantic Poem – Believe me…Love never wants…!
Do you ever fall in love once?
Of course, I do yes from your side,

Believe me…Love never wants…!
Hurting anyone, destroying anything,
Flirting with beloved, deleting everything,

Believe me…Love never wants…!
Painful custody, doubtful vigilance,
Fraud with the best buddy, banning self-sense,

Believe me…Love never wants…!
committing suicide, attempting murder,
Blaming inside, scolding outside,

Believe me…Love never wants…!
Breaking any heart, creating uncomfortable
Spreading dirt, showing off pervert level !!!

Trust me…Love only wants…!
Lovely touches, kisses & closely hugs with emotions,
To worship lovers all wishes and choices,

Trust me…Love only wants…!
Every moment with sharp attention,
Ever sweetest indefinite dimension,

Trust me…Love only wants…!
Growing naturally and remembering publicly,
Living joyfully and dying peacefully…!!!

“Amazing Love Chemistry Between 2 Hearts”

Romantic Poem Click Here

This is called love in heaven…:) 🙂 🙂
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