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World Environment Day-Read Once But Think Twice

World Environment Day Poem in Hindi

Save the environment, be wise,
Please, as many as grow trees
Go green, concept is very nice,
My dear and lovely gals and guys,
Read once but think twice???
Do you know about your real parents?
This earth is your sweet mother,
And this environment is your father,
So, love them, care for them and save them,
Being their sweetest son and daughter!!!
Tell your enemies, tell your friends,
Forget your animosity, forget your foes,
Come close and every day grow trees,
To save generation and nice natures,
Read once but think twice???
Stop cutting sweet-sweet plants,
Stop killing lovely-lovely animals,
Stop polluting pure breathings,
Save the environment, this is the only choice,
Read once but think twice???
Read once but think twice???

Watch World Environment Day Video

World Environment Day video

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