Top 05 Facts About The Heaven's Gate Tianmen Mountain

Top 05 Facts About The Heaven’s Gate Tianmen Mountain

One of the most stunning mountains on the entire globe is Heaven’s Gate Tianmen Mountain. In the northwest of China’s Hunan Province, in Zhangjiajie, Tianmen Mountain is one of the components of Tianmen Mountain National Park.

Visitors across the world board the Tianmen Mountain Cableway in Zhangjiajie, in the Hunan province of China.

The amazing fact is that the cable car there can ascend more than 4,000 feet to Tianmen Mountain’s summit during the course of the following 30 minutes.

Also, the 25,458-foot journey comes to an end when the passengers exit onto the “Gateway to Heaven.” At 1279 metres above sea level, Tianmen Mountain soars, and the cableway’s greatest grade is 38 degrees.

Are you wondering why Tianmen Mountain is popularly known as Heaven Gate Mountain?

Here’s the answer to that!

Why is Tianmen Mountain known as Heaven Gate Mountain?

Heaven’s Gate Mountain, also known as Taimen Mountain, is home to the longest cable car in the world, stunning glass walkways, and the exhilarating 99 Bending Road.

To let you know, Heaven Door Mountain is another name for Taimen Mountain, as there’s a “hole” inside the mountain.

It is a natural opening that pierces one side of the peak and serves as the focal point of Tianmen Mountain National Park. Given that it is the tallest natural arch in the world—at 1520 meters above sea level—it has been given the moniker “Gateway to Heaven.” The cave itself is 57 meters broad, 60 meters deep, and 131.5 meters high.

Isn’t amazing? It is indeed, and here are some of the biggest facts and historic information you should know about this amazing destination on Earth.

Top 5 Biggest Facts About the Tianmen Mountain That Not Everyone Knows

1. The Tianmen Shan Cable Car transports guests from the heart of Zhangjiajie to the Air Garden.

Zhangjiajie Air Garden Cable Car


Visitors can take the Tianmen Shan Cable Car from Zhangjiajie’s city center in Hunan Province to the Air Garden, which is positioned atop Tianmen Mountain. It is frequently referred to as the “longest cable car ride in the world,” covering a distance of 7,455 meters (7.45km), but in truth, it should be referred to as the “longest passenger cableway of high mountains.”

At 1279 meters above sea level, Tianmen Mountain soars, and the cableway’s greatest grade is 38 degrees. Even if it’s simply a cable car journey, it’s still quite amazing. The total time needed to travel the distance is 28 minutes. The 11-kilometer Heaven-Linking Avenue, which has 99 turns, meanders below the cable car.

2. The “Gateway to Heaven” is accessible via the Tongtian Highway.

Tongtian Avenue is known as the “Gateway to Heaven,” a natural cave that is perched atop one side of Tianmen Mountain, earning it the labels Big Gate Road, Avenue Towards Heaven, and Heaven-Linking Avenue.

The 11-kilometer serpentine road makes 99 hairpin twists while meandering through precarious cliffsides! There are a lot of turns to negotiate, and all that stands between you and a fatal fall down the slope are a few feet.

3. Zhangjiajie at sunset is a wonderful way to cap off an already remarkable journey.

Heaven's Gate Tianmen Mountain
Heaven’s Gate Tianmen Mountain Zhangjiajie Sunset


Try to return to the city via cable car in time to watch the sunset. You could see the entire panorama from the gondola, including, if your time is correct, the celestial display when the sun dips into the peaks on the horizon.

It’s a magnificent way to cap off a trip to Tianmen Mountain that was already remarkable! Enjoy watching the city and the mountainsides as they turn a brilliant orange from the setting sun! It’s a view for a lifetime. Indeed!

4. More people use the Tianmen Mountain Tunnel escalators than the 999 steps.

It saves time, obviously, and also your legs. Jokes apart!

Escalators lead to and from Tianmen Cave for those who would prefer to avoid the walk. They are roughly 32 CNY (4.53 USD) cheaper and require much less time.

Be warned that there may be more people on the escalators than there are on the 999 steps because the cave is frequently filled with tourists.

5. The massive natural arch is known as Heaven’s Gate Cave, which you can experience in Tianmen Mountain

Heaven's Gate Tianmen Mountain
Heaven’s Gate Tianmen Mountain Cave


An enormous natural arch, known as Tianmen Mountain Cave or Heaven’s Gate Cave, measures 57 meters (187 feet) in width and 135 meters (442.91 feet) in height. The mountain is named after the arch, which resembles a mammoth portal into the heavens.

When it is foggy, the fog runs through the arch and blocks the view as you walk below, making it a spectacular sight to behold on a clear day. In 2011, a diver flew through the arch at the first World Wing Suit Championships, which were conducted at Tianmen Cave by the World Wing Suit League.

Some More Insights About Heaven’s Gate Tianmen Mountain, In Brief:

1. The magnificent natural beauty and spiritual significance of Tianmen Mountain, which is situated in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China, are well known. Tianmen Cave is a naturally occurring rock archway that is frequently referred to as “Heaven’s Gate” since it is thought to be a portal to heaven.

2. Tianmen Mountain is a well-known tourist destination that attracts tourists from all over the world. One of the world’s longest cable car rides, the Tianmen Mountain Cableway, is part of the mountain’s cable car system. It is roughly 7.5 kilometers (4.7 miles) long and provides breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

3. The Heaven’s Gate, also known as Tianmen Cave, is a naturally occurring karst cave that was created over millions of years by limestone rocks eroding. It may be reached by ascending 999 steps and is located at an elevation of roughly 1,300 meters (4,300 ft) above sea level. In Chinese culture, the number 9 is seen as lucky because it represents eternity and longevity.

4. Tianmen Mountain has become more well-known among fans of extreme sports in recent years. It is renowned for holding a variety of heart-pounding events, including the well-known Tianmen Skywalk. Visitors can feel the excitement of walking on a transparent route with a precipitous drop below on the skywalk, a glass walkway linked to the cliff face.

5. James Cameron’s “Avatar,” one of many films and television programs to feature Tianmen Mountain, was produced. It is a visually attractive place for both photographers and filmmakers because of its breathtaking natural scenery, towering cliffs, and mist-covered summits.

So, if you are someone who wants to experience one of the most stunning mountains in the entire globe, then Heaven’s Gate Tianmen Mountain can be the perfect destination for you to visit.

Do you still not believe that you should visit this place?

Let me try once more to convince you!

Here is what you will get from this entire visit in a nutshell:

It will bring you the most excited to ride in one of the longest cable cars in the world, travel down the winding, precariously precarious plank walkways, over the glass skywalk, and ascend the 999 steps to Heaven’s Door.

Every surreal kind of experience in one place—that’s almost impossible to find in any other place than Tianmen Mountain.

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