Barbara May Cameron Google Doodle; Why Is Google Celebrating Her 69th Birthday

Barbara May Cameron Google Doodle; Why Is Google Celebrating Her 69th Birthday


Google is celebrating the 69th Birthday of Barbara May Cameron. Let’s read on to learn more about Barbara May Cameron Google Doodle.

Google is commemorating Barbara May Cameron’s 69th birthday. In case you don’t know her, you must be wondering how is she.

Let me take the honor to introduce this great personality to all of you.

Cameron was a great advocate for women’s rights, lesbian and homosexual rights, and other human rights.

Besides, you can also best describe her as a Native American photographer, artist, writer, and human rights advocate.

The hands behind this beautiful Google Doodle of May Cameron is a Mexican LGBT and Chitimachan artist Sienna Gonzales.

The essence of Barbara May Cameron Google Doodle is all about representing her as an LGBT community activist, giving wings to love irrespective of gender and other differences.

Barbara May Cameron Google Doodle: Barbara May Cameron Early Life

Barbara May Cameron Google Doodle
Barbara May Cameron Google Doodle

Barbara Cameron was born in Fort Yates, North Dakota, on this day in 1954.

Cameron was reared by her grandparents on the Standing Rock Reservation and was born a member of the Hunkpapa group, one of the seven council fires of the Lakota tribe.

She also later pursued photography and video studies at the American Indian Art Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico, after finishing high school.

Barbara May Cameron Google Doodle: Barbara May Cameron Career

According to sources, Cameron relocated to San Francisco in 1973 after coming out as a lesbian and fought for LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the Native American community as well as against racism in queer places.

She and her buddy and fellow activist Randy Burns later also co-founded Gay American Indians in 1975, the pioneering Native American LGBTQIA+ organization.

Not to mention, she rose to the position of executive director at Community United Against Violence, where she assisted those harmed by domestic violence and hate crimes.

In 1988, the San Francisco mayor named Cameron to the Citizens Committee on Community Development and the San Francisco Human Rights Commission.

The following mayor then also added Cameron to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

Many of Cameron’s fervent writings and speeches, which are kept at the San Francisco Public Library, are known for their fervor.

Her piece No Apologies: A Lakota Lesbian Perspective, which is included in Our Right To Love: A Lesbian Resource Book, serves as a lasting testament to her words. They are powerful, to say the least.

Barbara May Cameron Google Doodle: Barbara May Cameron Death

For 21 long years, Cameron was in a relationship with Linda Boyd. Rhys Boyd-Farrell, their son, was raised by them both.

She passed away naturally on February 12, 2002, at the age of 47. When she passed away, her screenplay “Long Time, No See” was still unfinished.

Barbara May Cameron will always be remembered for her great work. Indeed!

Lastly, happy birthday, Barbara May Cameron! Thank you for everything!

Thank you for working so hard to advance human rights and provide a safe haven for LGBTQ Indigenous people.

You will always be remembered!

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