Mercury Official Trailer, Watch Thriller Man Prabhu Deva

Mercury Official Trailer
Mercury Official Trailer has been released now. The filmmaker Karthik Subbaraj has come under a lot of pressure from the film industry. Why he is so much stressed about this movie just because to take the decision to release his upcoming silent film Mercury on April 13 as he announced earlier. The movie trailer says a lot about the making and efforts of actors. Just have a look….
Mercury Official Trailer

This has allegedly earned him a ton of feedback from the producers, who have withheld the arrivals of their up-and-coming movies with the help of the continuous strike in Kollywood. Communicating his solidarity with the strike supported by the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC), he said he was putting off the arrival of the Mercury Official Trailer.

Mercury Official Trailer Click Here To Watch   

“With most extreme regard to the challenges and band, we are putting off the trailer arrival of Mercury that should happen today. Notwithstanding, this is being a quiet film having a colossal discharge internationally on April 13.

Furthermore, the silver screen being breadwinning calling for several of our colleagues who have put in their sweat and blood into this film.


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