Celine Dion Makes A Comeback, Releasing A New Album, “Love Again”

Celine Dion Makes A Comeback, Releasing A New Album "Love Again"

Pop icon Celine Dion recently announced the release of new music. This is her first-ever musical album since the reveal of her rare neurological disorder that was affecting her singing. Read on to know more! Celine Dion has been one of the most popular pop icons and singers in the world for about three decades now.

The Grammy Award recipient is known for her amazing vocal skills and singing chops. Well, that seemed to slow down and fade away since last year when Celine took to Instagram in December and announced that she was going through the rare neurological disorder Stiff-Person Syndrome. Because of that, she had to cancel all her lined-up concerts for The Courage world tour in North American parts.

The Courage World Tour already began in 2019, and Dion had completed 52 shows before the COVID-19 pandemic put the entire world on hold. Her spring dates in Europe, which were due to begin in the Czech Republic, were also postponed to 2024, while eight of her summer shows were canceled completely. This could have been Celine Dion’s first global concert tour in a decade.


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She took to Instagram in December 2022 and informed fans about her health condition and how she was not able to complete the tour. Also, she added in the video that this disorder is causing muscle spasms and is- “not allowing me to use my vocal cords to sing the way I’m used to.”

Celine Dion Back Making Music, Releasing Five New Songs



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Celine Dion’s new album is named after the title track and name of the movie “Love Again”, which is going to hit theatres on May 5, 2023. The album not only contains the title track of the same-named film but also other five new songs along with some of her past hits. The Canadian music icon said: “I had a lot of fun doing this movie. And to have the privilege of appearing with the beautiful and talented actors Priyanka Chopra, Jonas, and Sam Heughan in my very first feature film is a gift that I will cherish forever.

I think it’s a wonderful feel-good story, and I hope that people will like it and like the new songs too.” The romantic comedy movie Love Again is directed by Jim Strouse and is scheduled for release in theaters on May 5.

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