Request: Deeksha Joshi, Everyone to buy Diyas & Rangoli from street vendors!

Deeksha Joshi: Diwali is undoubtedly the most celebrated festival across India. Irrespective of religion, everyone comes together to celebrate this festival of lights. In these trying times, Diwali celebrations have brought in some hopes and good vibes, and just like us, even B’Town is awaiting a chance to enjoy this festive season. Deeksha Joshi.

Talking about the Diwali celebration, actress Deeksha Joshi shares, “Even though Diwali is celebrated across India, I don’t know why but being in Mumbai makes it feel more special. I thought I will miss my Diwali days in Ahmedabad, but surprisingly I am not missing them much except for being with my friends and family.

Also, festivals bring positivity to your life and we need it during these times. More importantly, Diwali is a festival of lights and so we should to try to enlighten someone’s life with simple acts of humanity, I urge everyone to buy Diyas and rangoli from the street vendors so that they can have a Happy Diwali. Apart from this, we shall also avoid bursting crackers considering it badly affects the animals and it is very inhuman when we know this and still repeat it every year.

Let us do whatever we can, in whatever capacity, to help others out there and spread love and compassion during this amazing time. Being an actor means that being fit is a given but talking about the Diwali sweets, Deeksha adds, “One more reason I love Diwali is the snacks we make at home or our friends get for us, even though we have to maintain the eating habits, it is impossible to be on a diet during Diwali”.

On the work front, Deeksha played a crucial role in her recently released film 376D that deals with gangrape. The movie highlights the issues faced by the rape victims in the courtroom and it is a must-watch. We wish a Deeksha a fruitful year ahead!

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