Karan Johar Praises Zeenat Aman on Instagram, saying that the Veteran Actress Is “Real, vulnerable, and so damn honest.”

Karan Johar Praises Zeenat Aman On Instgaram Says Zeenat Aman Is Real vulnerable and so damn honest
Karan Johar compliments Zeenat Aman on being so real, unique, and authentic on social media. Read on to know more!

A lot of actors and celebrities have been praising Zeenat Aman ever since she made her Instagram debut. The actress is getting praised for being so openly honest about her professional life and personal anecdotes. Karan Johar has also joined the bandwagon, complimenting the veteran actress for being so beautifully vulnerable and authentic on social media.

Zeenat Aman was not on Instagram for the longest time and joined the platform in February this year. The Satyam Shivam Sundaram actress has been posting intimate photos and anecdotes of her Bollywood time back in the day. And that’s what is captivating the attention of not only netizens but also famous B-town celebrities like Kajol and Karan.

What Did Karan Have To Say About Zeenat Aman’s Instagram Presence?

Karan Johar has recently been in hot water ever since the nepotism narrative started against him on the internet again. People have again started calling out the K3G director for spreading nepotism in the industry and only casting the children of stars and celebrities.

The whole situation started ever since Priyanka Chopra appeared on an international podcast and spoke about how she was sidelined in the industry and taken away from work opportunities because of personal beef and jealousy. The actress candidly spoke about how she no longer wanted to be a part of politics and hence moved to the United States for better professional opportunities.

Besides, Karan Johar’s old video of sabotaging Anusha Sharma’s career also resurfaced online lately and started causing a lot of online hate for the Lust Stories director. Karan has not officially said anything against the allegations and trolls happening. However, lately, he has been posting a lot of cryptic poems and posts on his Instagram stories, apparently for the haters.

Karan Johar took to Instagram on Wednesday evening and shared this message on his Instagram story:
Karan Johar Praises Zeenat Aman on Instagram, saying that the Veteran Actress Is "Real, vulnerable, and so damn honest."
Karan Johar Praises Zeenat Aman on Instagram, saying that the Veteran Actress Is “Real, vulnerable, and so damn honest.”

@thezeenataman is everything Instagram is not. Real, vulnerable, and so damn honest!

At a time when Karan himself is going through so much hate online, sharing this amazing gesture for such a senior actress is, to say the least, beautiful. On one hand, when Kangana Ranaut again started targeting and taking a dig at Karan for nepotism and everything in between, Zeenat Aman’s Instagram feed is not only a unique place on Instagram but, as the Student Of The Year’s direction says, authentic to the tee.

Zeenat recently posted a memory of her late co-actor Parveen Babi on Instagram. The seasoned actress posted a lengthy caption with their images, in which she discussed their uncanny appearance and how, in the 1970s, they were frequently pitted against one another.

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~Written by Anam Khan
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