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Mother Day Special: 5 Movies of Kajol where the talented actress played a Mother

Mother Day Special: Bollywood diva Kajol has always stepped ahead with time and so many of her films have delivered a good message. Just like she does on screen, she plays multiple other roles in her real life too. When it comes to being a mother, Kajol is caring as well as protective towards her children. She has frequently spoken about the concept of parenting and motherhood while sharing her personal experiences.

Not only this, in her entire career, Kajol has portrayed the character of a mother multiple times drawing from her maternal instincts.

On this mother’s day, let’s take a look at five times when Kajol nailed her part of being an on-screen mother.

1. Fanna: Mother Day Special

Released in 2006, Kajol’s character in the film will make you emotional. Her zest of providing a good life to her kid is a notion that we all can relate to our mothers as well. The actor’s efforts in impersonating the character were visible throughout the film. Also, the song Chanda Chamke has defined their relationship well.

2. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham:

Mother Day Special- Karan Johar’s directorial K3G is still considered an evergreen film of Kajol. The actor has played a desi, fun yet emotional wife and mother settled aboard. And just like all our moms, this quintessential Indian mother tries to inculcate Indian Sanskaar in her child too. The quirky yet heartfelt role played by Kajol received lots of praises back then and continues to do so now as well.

3. We are Family: Mother Day Special

Kajol’s strong performance in the movie will leave you misty-eyed. She plays the role of a mother who is suffering from cancer. While going through difficult stages, she makes sure that she teaches everything to her children so that they can live their life easily in absence of their mother. Every scene of the film will touch your soul.

4. Helicopter Eela: Mother Day Special

Helicopter Eela is an appealing tale of motherly love where Kajol plays an over-protective single mother who always thinks about her son’s well-being sacrificing her dreams. Kajol’s performance in this film is about ‘every mother out there. For a mother, joy is all about the happiness of her children.

5. Tribhanga: Mother Day Special

In this film, Kajol plays a daughter as well as a mother. Her character perfectly defines what mixed emotions are and what it feels like to be a daughter and to be a mom, to have different perspectives on this relationship. The actor has shown that a relationship bound by an umbilical cord can never end, rather we have to fix it and go ahead unitedly.

On the occasion of mother’s day, we wish Kajol a happy mother’s day and pray for many such meaningful films from her treasure box. (Mother Day Special)

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