Taylor Swift Handles Wardrobe Malfunction Like An Absolute Pro Onstage As She Returns To Eras Tour

Taylor Swift Handles Wardrobe Malfunction “Like An Absolute Pro” Onstage As She Returns To Eras Tour At Tampa, Florida!

Taylor Swift’s garter broke, impending a malfunction on stage. But the Lover hitmaker handled the about-to-happen wardrobe malfunction with grace and calmness. Read on to learn more!

Taylor Swift is currently doing her massive concert tour (The Eras) around the world, and fans are excited and euphoric to the tee. The Shake It Off artist is known to deliver all-energetic and beautiful performances on stage without leaving any stone unturned.

Recently, when Taylor was performing onstage at the Raymond James Stadium in Florida, one of her garters broke just as she was finishing up “Lavender Haze.” According to one of the Taylor Swift fan accounts on Twitter, @swifferupdates, sharing a TikTok video by @gaygarbage7-

The item protruded from under Taylor’s sequined dress and presented a potential problem for the duration of the performance. But, Taylor handled this clothing mishap like “an absolute pro,” when it may have derailed someone else.


🏟️| @taylorswift13 being an absolute pro handling her garter malfunction during the show tonight! And a special shout-out to The Starlights for helping our girl out 🥰 #TampaTSTheErasTour

(via gaygarbage7 on TikTok) pic.twitter.com/hDU8lM5fp4

— Taylor Swift Updates 🏟️ (@swifferupdates) April 14, 2023

Taylor went through each stage of a wardrobe malfunction, as you can see in a video taken by a fan: spotting the damaged item, confronting the problem, acting, and solving the problem. She approaches her dancers, The Starlights, as she begins “Anti-Hero,” making eye contact with them and mouthing, “Can you help me?” between the lines. No steps were missed by Taylor in between all this, though.

According to many reports, Taylor Swift recently broke up with her long-time partner, Joe Alwyn. The news caused a stir on the internet and swifties are sad, to say the least.

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~Written by Anam Khan
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