The Kerala Story Producer Requests Mamata Banerjee to Watch the Film

The Kerala Story Producer Requests Mamata Banerjee to Watch the Film

Sudipto Sen, the director of The Kerala Story, and Vipul Shah, the producer, responded to the Supreme Court’s ruling on the ban. The Kerala Story Producer says… “Will listen to…” Read on to learn more!

The Kerala Story has been one of those Bollywood movies, which recently caught the eye of different people for different reasons.

The movie was initially released on 5th May 2023 in theaters in India and on 12th May in the USA. However, the Kerala Story film also got banned in some Indian states, especially in West Bengal.

Well, the Kerala Story’s director and producer responded to the developments after the Supreme Court issued a stay on the West Bengal Government’s ban on the movie.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was persuaded to view the movie with the crew by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, who supported and served as the film’s creative director.

However, director Sudipto Sen, on the other hand, referred to the ban as “illegal” and applauded the Supreme Court for its decision.

But, with his hands folded, Vipul Shah, said to the ANI news (verbatim)-

“With folded hands, I would like to tell Mamata Didi to watch this film with us and discuss with us if she finds anything as such. I would like to listen to all her valid criticisms and present our point of view…This is the democracy that we get to talk about. I can agree to disagree. We can discuss our difference. This is my request and we will be waiting”

Listen here what’s Vipul Shah’s message for Mamta Banerjee-

Others On The Kerala Story Ban Withdrawal In West Bengal-

The director of the Kerala Story, Sudipto Sen, interacted with the ANI news and said-

“No state can ban a film after it is passed by the Censor Board. This ban was illegal. Supreme Court proved once again that everyone has the right to watch the film, you may or may not like it but you can’t stop someone forcefully. We always trusted the Supreme Court…Thank you to everyone who supported us, including the people of West Bengal and Tamil Nadu who reached out to me. They can watch the film tomorrow.”

In short, he was thankful to the government for removing the ban from The Kerala Story and said it is completely illegal to do so if a movie has already been greenlit by the Censor Board.

Read these tweets on the latest development for Kerala story movie in West Bengal-

The Kerala Story has been outlawed in the state as of May 8, according to Mamata Banerjee.

So, the West Bengal government has decided to outlaw the film The Kerala Story, she claimed.

This will prevent any acts of hatred and violence and keep the state calm. So, later, the movie was taken out of Tamil Nadu theatres.

However, the Supreme Court ordered its producer to include a disclaimer stating the film was a “fictionalized version” and that there was no evidence to support the claim that 32,000 Hindu and Christian girls had converted to Islam.

So, on Thursday, the Supreme Court stayed its prohibition in West Bengal. And the movie will now be shown in West Bengali theatres.

The court further ordered Tamil Nadu to make sure that moviegoers are adequately protected.

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