Bonnie Tyler on This Morning Show

This Morning Show Fans Got Upset When Bonnie Tyler Went On Stage For Singing And..

Fans got irritated when they found Bonnie Tyler miming the song on stage and not literally singing it. Read on to learn more!

Bonnie Tyler, a.k.a. Gaynor Sullivan MBE, is a Welsh singer best recognized for her unusual husky voice. The 1977 album The World Starts Tonight and its hits “Lost in France” and “More Than a Lover” helped Tyler gain popularity across the globe.

The 71-year-old singer recently joined the panel on This Morning to talk about her new book and the 40th anniversary of her number-one single, telling hosts Craig Doyle and Josie Gibson, “I never get tired of singing it”, and some minutes later, only to be found miming her most famous singer and not really singing it.

Fans were undoubtedly looking forward to hearing the superstar perform “Total Eclipse of the Heart” when she took the stage after her interview.

But as she started singing her well-known ballad, which home supporters eagerly
anticipated hearing, many of them became discouraged when they saw she was miming.

Read Some Of The Latest Comments On Bonnie Tyler’s Song Total Eclipse of the Heart Performance-

Immediately after hearing the performance, viewers took to Twitter to express their shock, joking, “Leave Bonnie Tyler alone; she’s been singing that song for 40 years straight and couldn’t be bothered to sing it today. #ThisMorning [sic]”;

One user of social media commented: “Dreadful.” very insulting to the audience.

Yet another person remarked: “I don’t think Bonnie Tyler was persuading anyone there with her extremely awkward miming.” It was difficult to watch it.

One more person wrote: Jesus, @BonnieTOfficial. You’ve had enough time to perfect miming. You would have hoped for a modest improvement. It sounded as though you were singing a whole different song.

Ever wonder what a character from Thunderbirds would sound like singing? We were able to watch Gerry Anderson’s puppeteers perform Bonnie Tyler’s amazing total eclipse of the heart, thanks to #thismorning.

However, some who appeared to stand behind Bonnie cautioned viewers to be kind.

One person wrote in opposition: “Why are people so cruel? I was taught that if you can’t say anything pleasant, don’t say anything at all.

The announcement follows Bonnie’s receiving an MBE for her contributions to music earlier this year. Bonnie expressed her happiness when she accepted the award in February for her multidecade career.

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~Written by Anam Khan
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