Urfi Javed Makes Amends and Clarifies Her Bhaad Mai Jaaye Ranbir Statement on Ranbir Kapoors Bad Taste Remark

Urfi Javed Makes Amends and Clarifies Her “Bhaad Mai Jaaye Ranbir” Statement…Said??

Urfi Javed clarified her sarcastic statement on the OG Ranbir Kapoor and said I was joking and not being literal about my words. Read below to learn more!

Urfi Javed is one of the most famous and popular fashion icons in current times. Wherever she goes, she makes headlines not only for her clothes and fashion statement but also for her words, as the fashion Diva is known to speak her mind.

Urfi is known to say things as they are without mincing her words, which sometimes leads her into trouble and online trolling. Whether it is about her family or profession, the fashion icon says things without any hesitation. That’s what a lot of people also like about her.

What Exactly Did Urfi Say About Ranbir Kapoor’s Bad Taste Comment?

Not a while ago, Ranbir Kapoor appeared on her sister Kareena Kapoor’s radio show “What Women Want” on Mirchi Plus. During the show, the sister-brother duo chatted very candidly about relationships, marriage, and parenthood. Also, Kareena hosted some fun games for Ranbir in the Radio talk show.

In one game segment, Kareena showed a slew of face-covered images to Ranbir and asked whether they are Good taste or bad taste for him. One image was of Urfi Javed, to which the Saawariya actor commented:

‘I am not a fan of this type of fashion, but I think we live in such a world that if you are comfortable in your own skin… Then, Bebo interrupted him in the middle and again asked him, Good taste or bad taste? and Ranbir finally said, Bad taste!!

Since then, there has been a lot of noise regarding Ranbir’s bad-taste remark about Urfi. However, Kareena Kapoor encouraged Urfi in one of her interviews and said the girl has a lot of guts for doing exactly what she wants.

To which Urfi responded and said:

“Bhaad mein jaaye Ranbir, Kareena ne meri tareef kiya hain, ab toh kya hain, Ranbir ki kya aukat hain.”

And that didn’t go well with a lot of Ranbir fans, and people started calling out Urfi for making a negative statement about such a celebrated and talented actor.

Urfi Javed Makes Amends And Apologises For Her Comment On Ranbir Kapoor:


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So, recently, when things started to go out of control on the internet regarding Urfi making a negative comment about the Rockstar actor, Urfi took to her Instagram stories today and put up a series of content, saying she never said “Ranbir Bhaad Mein Jaaye” in any literal way.

She was being sarcastic and didn’t have any intentions to disrespect the Sanju lead actor. She was only trying to convey that she is happy that Kareena said she likes her confidence and the way she is carrying herself. So, now she doesn’t care what Ranbir said about her. That’s it.

Posting a news piece by InstantBollywood, Urfi captioned her Instagram story as follows:

“I never said go to hell, Ranbir; I said Ranbir bhaad mai jaaye, Kareena ne meri tareef kardi hai, isse zayada validation kya chahiye (I said I leave Ranbir, Kareena has praised me now, I don’t need anyone’s validation), and I said it in a very sarcastic and humorous way; I didn’t mean to disrespect anyone. And bhaad is not equal to hell.”

She also posted a video of herself on her Instagram story, saying,

“My sarcasm will get me in trouble someday; actually, my nakedness might get me in trouble; in short, I am going to be beaten up someday either because of my outfits or my words.”

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