National Father Gandhiji and 3 monkeys freaky funtoosh

National Father Gandhiji and Gigs of Three Monkeys

National Father Gandhiji: Have you ever heard about the mannerism and etiquette of monkeys since their inception? Hopefully not, though it’s been scientifically proved that monkeys were our forefathers. It sounds more tangible if I say we are family members of monkeys by blood and body. 
And that is the reason behind the quote used for humanity and its honesty that was spoken by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhiji “Never See, say and hear evil” by portraying three innocent monkeys. No doubt that we came from the animal genus and nowadays often called social animals but with adding words mannerism and etiquette which quite puts us in a different level, little away and advanced from monkeys.

National Father Gandhiji

Those three monkeys are the same constantly since then in appearance till now but they became gigs in their duties and a little bit modified the quote of our national father by adding one more word and that is “Gentle Flirt” themselves. What these monkeys are doing with this quote, just they put their hands on their lips, ears, and eyes by creating gaps amidst fingers and enjoy gentle flirt. 

Gandhiji is a father of the nation and we are the national children for him undoubtedly. Nowadays most people deleted the three words from memory and following blindly the fourth one without any pondering. I am not blaming and pointing any politician, celebs, business tycoons, terrorists, religious contractors, journalists, and bluff masters but you know and can understand through your pretty much better perception, here who is that?

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