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OMG : DAVP removes 269,556 Newspaper Titles & 804 Newspapers from Advertisement List

New Delhi Update: After scrutiny of the last one year, the Modi government has canceled the title of more than 2.5 lakh newspapers and excluded hundreds of newspapers from the list of DAVP. Along with this, a team of administrative officers has been instructed to investigate all the old disturbances. It also includes an investigation into complaints of ineligible newspapers and government advertisements to magazines.

There are also instructions for recovery and legal action if there are disturbances in it. There is a stir in the media world under its leadership. The RNI i.e. the Office of the Registrar of Indian Papers and the DAVP ie Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity has become very strict following the strictures of the Modi government. If the rules were ignored in the running of the newspaper, then the RNI is ready to ban the title of the newspaper. On the other hand, DAVP is banning advertisements.

For the first time in the history of the country, the titles of about 269,556 newspapers were canceled and 804 newspapers were removed by the DAVP from its advertisement list. This move has caused a stir among the operators of small and medium newspapers. For a long time, the Modi government has taken strict measures to stop the mishandling of new letters. RNI has started reviewing newspaper titles. In the first phase, RNI revoked the titles of 269,556 language papers of the country under the Prevention of Risor Use Act 1950, after the discrepancies of new letters were revealed in the review.

It has the highest number of paper-magazines in Maharashtra (No. 59703) and then paper-magazines (No. 36822) of Uttar Pradesh. Other than these two, how many titles have been canceled, see list …. Bihar 4796, Uttarakhand 1860, Gujarat 11970, Haryana 5613, Himachal Pradesh 1055, Chhattisgarh 2249, Jharkhand 478, Karnataka 23931, Kerala 15754, Goa 655, Central Pradesh Pradesh 21371, Manipur 790, Meghalaya 173, Mizoram 872, Nagaland 49, Orissa 7649, Punjab 7457, Chandigarh 1560, 12591 in Rajasthan, Sikkim 108, Tamil Nadu 16001, Tripura 230, West Bengal 16579, Arunachal Pradesh 52, Assam 1854, Assam 1854, Lakshadweep 6 Delhi 3170 and Puducherry 523.


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