Wedding Gossip: Often Done By Girls At Marriages

Wedding Gossip Often Done By Girls At Marriages freaky funtoosh
Wedding Gossip Often Done By Girls At Marriages freaky funtoosh

Wedding Gossip: Every woman in the wedding house will tell you to put this cream and that cream and bathe in Haldi to look … It may piss you off as a bride, so just endure – it’s the done thing. … The entry of the bride was better or the flower arrangement was so much bigger, people will talk.

1) Females mostly talk about the complexions of bride-groom though they look like coal, even there is no relation with height, health, age; job and salary but still, these are hot topics among females.
2) Females often compare their sons-in-law, sisters-in-law, own daughters & sons with the upcoming bridegroom. How funny all these meaningless but must gossips.
3) They often talk about the dowry, costumes& jewelry though some females wear artificial jewelry but behave like pure & original by making themselves, smart females. Remember that the jewelry is like a second soul for females.
4) Females even don’t leave talking about the band-Baja, Barati, food & beverages. It’s hard to believe that females also argue unnecessarily about dishes.
5) For everything females do comparison with the neighbors’ function & their own did.
6) They behave like they were best in their own marriage functions & looked like an angel. If anyone ceases them before finishing their talks then randomly they got angry with pure facial expressions. 
7) They also gossip about their own likes& dislikes things keeping in mind upcoming marriage functions. See, the best thing among them that if someone is fatty but will behave like so slim & vice-versa.
8) They behave so simply & sober among each other in the way they are criticizing.
9) They also bring out unwanted topics related to marriage functions & behave superior to inferior females. The best thing among females is their everlasting & boring topics.

10)  They also enjoy word to word every gossip but cleverly. These are very few tongue twisters & crystals in the favour of an appreciation of females; they always keep gearing up such absurd talks before marriage, between marriage & after marriage. God is very great by making females & most human beings could not recognize females on the earth. 

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