4.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Malibu, California on Jan 25, 2023

4.2 Magnitude Earthquake California

4.2 Magnitude Earthquake: According to U.S. Geological Survey officials, an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.2 occurred Wednesday morning off the coast of Malibu, California. According to the USGS on Twitter, the earthquake was “too tiny” to cause local cellphones to send out alerts.

The USGS’s preliminary data indicates that the earthquake’s epicentre was roughly 10 miles south of Malibu Beach.

In a notice, the Los Angeles Fire Department announced that it had gone into “Earthquake Mode” and that all 106 of its stations would start inspecting the city for damage. The department said that there had been no initial reports of damage or casualties as it finished its “Earthquake Mode” survey a short while later.

4.2 Magnitude Earthquake in California

The Impact of the 4.2 Magnitude Earthquake Near Malibu

A 4.2 magnitude earthquake occurred on October 15th, close to Malibu, California. Many people in the nearby area felt the earthquake, which had its epicentre about 8 miles to the northwest of Malibu.

According to reports, the earthquake lasted for about 10 seconds and was followed by a number of aftershocks. The earthquake only occurred at a depth of 5.3 miles, according to the United States Geological Survey, making it shallow.

There have been no significant damages or injuries associated with the earthquake. The Los Angeles County Fire Department, however, has responded to a number of calls from locals who claimed to have felt the earthquake.

The earthquake is the most recent in a string of seismic occurrences that have taken place in the area over the previous several months. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake occurred in August close to Ridgecrest, California, and was preceded by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in the same region in July.

In the upcoming weeks and months, the USGS has issued a warning that the area may see further earthquakes. In order to secure their safety in the event of a stronger earthquake, residents are recommended to take the required safeguards.

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