Chinese Spying Balloon Video

Chinese Spying Balloon Video: US tracks suspected surveillance device

Chinese Spying Balloon Video: The US is keeping tabs on a possible Chinese surveillance balloon that has recently been seen flying over important locations. Defense authorities stated that they had no doubt that China was the owner of the “high-altitude surveillance balloon.

” Most recently, it was spotted flying above Montana in the west. In case pieces fell, the military chose against shooting it down. China issued a warning against “hype” and speculation before the facts are established.

Before surfacing over the city of Billings in Montana on Wednesday, the object went across Alaska’s Aleutian Islands and through Canada, according to US officials.

Chinese Spying Balloon Video by Reuters

Speaking anonymously, a senior US defense official revealed that President Joe Biden had been persuaded not to shoot it down because of concerns that the debris could endanger those on the ground.

The senior defense official declared, “We are convinced that this high-altitude surveillance balloon belongs to the People’s Republic of China.” “This action has been seen in several instances over the past few years, including before this administration.”

However, the defense department claimed that because US officials “know exactly where this balloon is and exactly where it’s passing over,” there is no “substantially heightened threat” of US intelligence being compromised.

Additionally, as the balloon was “substantially” higher than the altitude employed by commercial airlines, there was no danger to civil aviation.

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