Madeline Pantoja Texas Woman Found Mysteriously Dead; Policy Say...

Madeline Pantoja: Texas Woman Found Mysteriously Dead; Policy Say…


Some latest developments were made on the Madeline Pantoja missing case, as she was found dead after a dayslong search. Read on to learn more about Madeline Pantoja’s murder mystery.

This whole case started when the missing complaint of Madeline Pantoja was recorded on May 11th, 2023.

According to resources, the policy didn’t seem able to track her initially, as she vanished along with her mobile phone, but her car was parked at home in Midland.

However, after long days of searching, Madeline Pantoja’s dead body was found on Saturday 20th May 2023, following Midland Police Department.

Pantoja’s remains were found in a rural area southeast of the city after nine days when she was reported missing, police confirmed on Saturday.

Who Has Been Convicted Guilty Of Madeline Pantoja’s Murder?

Hours after a lot of discovery and searching, a man, named 24-year-old Mario Juan Chacon, Jr. has been arrested by the Midland police for further investigation and inquiry.

According to the records of the Midland County Sheriff, Mario Juan Chacon, 24, was arrested on first-degree murder charges in relation to the death of Madeline Pantoja.

As of Saturday night, he was being held without bond at the Midland County Jail, according to the police.

And authorities on Saturday provided few specifics, including how they came to suspect Chacon in the woman’s killing or whether he previously knew the deceased.

Where & When Was Madeline Pantoja Last Seen Before The Crime?

Apart from saying that Pantoja was killed in a homicide while waiting for the findings of an autopsy, the police said little else about the incident.

Following the sources, after a night out with friends in the city of Midland, almost 300 miles west of Dallas, Pantoja was last seen there at 11 p.m. on May 10.

The young woman had left her phone, purse keys, and dog at her flat, so when her friends and family couldn’t get in touch with her the following day, they became immediately suspicious. It didn’t take them long to smell that something is absurd.

After a week went by with no improvement in the search for Pantoja, worried loved ones were increasingly irate.

Madeline Pantoja Texas Woman Found Mysteriously Dead
100 people demonstrated outside the Midland Police Department’s main office on Thursday, demanding “justice” for what they perceived as a “lack of investigation” by the police.


According to KTSM, some 100 people demonstrated outside the Midland Police Department’s main office on Thursday, demanding “justice” for what they perceived as a “lack of investigation” by the police.

Is Mario Juan Chacon Jr. Madeline Pantoja’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Friends thought Pantoja’s ex-boyfriend, with whom she had recently broken up and who had access to her flat, was responsible, but he had not yet been identified as a person of interest in the case by the police.

However, the night Pantoja vanished, her neighbors claimed to have overheard a woman and a man arguing inside her flat.

But, whether Chacon was Pantoja’s ex-girlfriend could not be immediately confirmed by Midland police.

Midland Mayor Lori Blong previously said that the police were working-

“tirelessly in searching and in gathering information and evidence” in Madeline Pantoja’s missing case.

According to Chief of Police Seth Herman, the department searched intensively 60 square miles of remote property using on-the-ground personnel, drones, and aircraft and had executed over one dozen search warrants, interviewed around 25 people, and was investigating 20 tips in the leadup to the discovery of Pantoja’s body.

Well, their extensive searching paid off, and they found Madeline Pantoja’s dead body. But the demise of a young woman in this way is extremely unfortunate, to say the least.

The friends and family of Pantoja only want justice, and the murderer should be convicted and punished.

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