Muncie Man Arrested on Rape Case Charges; Latest Updates On The Case!

Muncie Man Arrested on Rape Case Charges


INDIA’S MUNCIE — After having a few drinks at a nearby pub, a 30-year-old Muncie man reportedly admitted to authorities that he had forced himself upon a woman. Read here to learn more updates on Muncie Man Rape Case. 

30-year-old Brandan Batchelor was detained early on Sunday and is currently being charged with rape, strangulation, and criminal confinement.

Following their return from a few drinks at a nearby music venue and pub, the victim allegedly informed police that Batchelor forced himself upon her at a residence on W. North Street.

According to court records, the woman told police that despite her attempts to flee and his refusals, Batchelor threw her onto the bed and removed her clothes.

What Exactly Did Victom Tell On Muncie Man Rape Case?

According to the sources, the victim said that she and Batchelor got into a fight on the way home and parted ways when they got back to the North Street house.

But as their communication over Snapchat went on, Batchelor allegedly punched the girl when she went into his room to question him about it.

She also provided cops with information. Additionally, Batchelor allegedly told her, “This is for me, not you.”

According to the victim, she made an effort to fight back and even tugged on Batchelor’s hair in an effort to hurt him and get him to stop.


Muncie Man Rape Case
Muncie Man Rape Case

A Bit More On This Case (Latest Updates Made)-

So, Batchelor is charged with squeezing her at one point while holding her down by the neck.

Besides, according to court records, Batchelor allegedly acknowledged holding her down and forbidding her from leaving the bedroom.

He also allegedly claimed that she was the only one he desired, that he had “snapped,” and that the only way to demonstrate his desire for her was to impose himself onto her.

When police first arrived at the residence, Batchelor allegedly admitted, “I forced myself on her.”

On a $30,000 bond, Batchelor is being held at the Delaware County Jail.

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