WWE Allegedly Planning For Roman Reigns To Take Back Home WrestleMania 40 And 41 Titles

WWE Allegedly Is Planning For Roman Reigns To Take Back Home WrestleMania 40 And 41 Titles

Will Roman Reigns only take back home the highly-anticipated WrestleMania 40 And 41 champion titles? And is it already decided? Read on to learn more!

In case you don’t know, WrestleMania 40 And 41 are the most-awaited and special professional wrestling pay-per-view and live-streaming events held annually between mid-March and mid-April by World Wrestling Entertainment.

And it is one of their biggest attractions, in case you are not aware the fandom these WrestleMania events enjoy.

So, rumors have recently been circulating that WWE wants to set new records for Roman Reigns.

If you look around the corridors of  WWE, Roman Reigns is the ultimate man of the moment.

There are no two ways about it! Right?

To let you know, the forthcoming Night of Champions will mark The Undisputed Champion’s 1000th day as champion, and that’s big of a deal.

He has been in possession of the title since 2020.

In addition, according to a recent report, he is not going to lose his gold anytime soon.

And the biggest gossip that is getting prevalent currently is that Roman Reigns might even walk into WrestleMania 40 and 41 as the champion.

Not fair! Well, it is what it is!

By the way, Cody Rhodes was expected to end The Tribal Chief’s hegemony at this year’s WrestleMania.

Every WWE fan had big hopes in their eyes! But, unfortunately, even he met the same bad luck as wrestlers like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Goldberg.

According to the sources, the key issue at hand is when WWE intends to strip him of his titles.

WWE’s Current Plan For Roman Reigns For Wrestlemania 40 and 41 as Champion-

Through a recent tweet, WrestlingBlog revealed some crucial details regarding The Tribal Chief’s title reign’s future.

The current creative intentions for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 and maybe 41 were discussed by WWE, according to a source.

However, it’s not going to be easy and two conditions must be fulfilled for that to occur.

First, The Tribal Chief shouldn’t have any health problems, and second, he shouldn’t be asked to work in Hollywood over the next two years.

Well, the management does not currently have any plans to remove The Tribal Chief’s title, the source said.

He might even continue to maintain such positions for a very long time.

According to WrestlingBlog, WWE currently wants Roman Reigns to walk into WrestleMania 40 and 41 as the champion.

Roman Reigns V/s Cody Rhodes: Fans Want A Rematch-

Nearly all WWE supporters want Cody Rhodes to end Roman Reigns’s journey by removing his Tribal Chief’s power.

In spite of the fact that the WrestleMania 39 match favored the former, a rematch has been requested by fans across the nation.

Evidently, neither man is included in the company’s 2023 plans for such a position.

According to WrestlingBlog, WWE isn’t currently thinking about having Cody and Roman face off again this year.

It’s not true, despite what some have speculated would occur at SummerSlam 2023.

According to the rumor, Brock Lesnar might possibly face The American Nightmare this summer.

Anyway, Roman Reigns being scheduled as the champion for WrestleMania 40 and 41 might not be a horrible choice after all.

Long-term narratives can still be successful if they are carefully planned and carried through, as The Bloodline’s past 12+ months have demonstrated for the company.

However, if they stick with the aforementioned strategy, it will be interesting to see how WWE reacts going forward.

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