Dua Lipa is an English singer cum songwriter from London, England and well known for her signature disco-pop sound

Recently, Dua Lipa appeared in the Amal Clooney Foundation for Justice Albie Awards Event Sept 29

Dua Lipa's net worth is $35 million and it is enough to live luxury life

She is sweet 27 year young singer and born on August 22, 1995

Anwar Hadid is the boyfriend of Dua Lipa as per hollywood latest update

Great! Dua's Instagram followers are 85m just posting 1.2k posts

One Kiss video song is the biggest hit in 2018 for Actress Dua

She won eight Grammy Awards and seven NME Awards, and nominated for 15 Brit Awards

Her loveing favorite food in breakfast is eggs, banana and cashew butter

Dua was found in guilty of plagiarism in her hit song "Levitating" in 2022

Lipa's Upcoming Concerts are in Victoria on October 30, and Auckland on November 2

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