Britney Spears Posted 10 nude Instagram posts from a Hotel in London to make her fans happy

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Spears is completely topless and hiding her breast from hands laying on the bed

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Twitter user replies "Britney Spears is NOT in London! These photos were taken at @FSWestlake The same wall art in another room is displayed

40 Years old, Britney posted a string of nude selfies to sparking concerns for her well-being from fans

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In a Instagram post caption she wrote: "Not sure ... tea or coffee [hot beverage, thinking face emojis

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Spears is maing fun in a small video clip and showing her tongue with teasing ways

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She also added: "What is going on! No wedding ring? Shabby hotel? Series of naked pics!"

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You might be surprised knowing that Britney has 41.8M Fan Following on Instagram till 2022

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