You do not get panic and choose earthquake-safe location in the home

Earthquake 10 Safety Steps

Earthquake of 5.2 magnitude on Richter scale occurs in Lucknow city of Uttar Pradesh, Saturday 21 August 2022

Earthquake in Lucknow

Be alert, active and keep your eyes open for all the essential safety steps

Stay away from buildings walls and electric boards

If you are at home then use triangle life or stand-up in a corner of room

you have to grab your emergency preparedness kit when an earthquake hits,

During tremor, just get down on the ground under a table or any desk in the house

Need not stand near any object or window which is made up of glass

While driving a car, keep away your vehicles from trees, buildings and power lines

Tremor Safety

Remember, you should not run away out side the home while tremor occurs, it may more risky

Quake Safety