What is Mega Millions? How this game is played? Megs Millions Jackpot Hsitory! Next date for Jackpot game?

Mega Millions Jackpot is an American game of multi-jurisdictional lottery offered in 45 states

You can play this game just buying an online ticket of $2.0 from Mega Millions Website

Just vist the Mega Millions website and select one locality from 47 in blue mark

The Big Game was started in 1996 and committee changed its name in 2020

Surprisingly! Mega Millions grows to $790m because of getting no winner in last 3 months

15th July 2022, a resident of Jefferson County, Arkansas, claimed his $1M Mega Millions but not won

The largest jackpot in Mega Millions USA history was $1.537B in Oct 23, 2018 drawing won anonymously in South Carolina

Tuesday, July 26 is the next drawing for Mega Millions Lottery game sharply at 11pm