Registered Nurse is the backbone of American People, There is huge demand in next 5 years in USA for this job

Technology is booming across the the globe, so you can opt for career as Software and Applications Programmers

If you wanna be a teacher then you are perfect for Primary School Teachers but needs Specialization in Teaching

Public Relation and Advertising industries are making shapes in the American Society, It also needs bachelor degree

It is the Era of Construction business in United states, So you must have a engineering degree for Construction Managers

There are lot of opportunities in Welfare, Recreation and Community Arts workers with bachelor of work degree

Psychologists are more in demands due to the fast variations in human behaviour and living society in the country

Policy Analysts and Intelligence is a good option for people who are intelligent enough but must have a degree

Those who are creative and have top class ideas can go for Web Designers, Graphic and Illustrators for career

Human Resource Managers demand is on the rise and if you have experience then go for management role