Burning Man is an annual event held in the Nevada desert, known for its emphasis on art, self-expression, and community.

Burning Man 2023

Recently, 70,000 plus attendees of Burning Man festival 2023 got stuck in Nevada desert after rain

It was inaugurated on 22 June 1986 when Larry Harvey and Jerry James burned a wooden effigy on Baker Beach in San Francisco.

Participants create a temporary city called Black Rock City, which adheres to the principles of radical self-reliance and leave-no-trace.

The event culminates in the burning of a massive wooden sculpture of a man, which gives the festival its name.

There are no paid performers or vendors at Burning Man; everyone contributes to the experience.

Radical self-expression is encouraged, with elaborate art installations, costumes, and theme camps.

The event operates on a gift economy, where participants share food, drinks, and other resources freely.

Burning Man Event attracts tens of thousands of attendees from around the world, creating a unique, diverse, and inclusive community.

Primarily Burning Man promotes ten principles, including radical inclusion, decommodification, and communal effort.

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