International Friendship day is enjoyed on different dates in the world. Many countries clebrate on the 1st Sunday of August while some countries observe it on July 30th

Friendship day in India, A greeting card company popoularized it in 1990s and now whole country enjoy it on Sunday of August

An international organisation "World Friendship Crusade" founded in Paraguay in 1958 proposed it first time.

United National General Assembly declared 30th July as a international friendship day officially

The Yellow Rose is the symbol of friendship and it is exchanged on this special day

It is the festival of humanity rather than race, religion and color around the world

Young girls and boys also exchange friendhsip bands and bracelets as a symbol of love and affection

Many people exchange greeting cards, gifts and beautiful flowers to express gratitude and honors

Interestingly, due to the rise of social media, people often express their love through pictures, posts and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

In Some School and Colleges, friendship day is celebrated to understand the essence of this relation among friends

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