Lunar New Year is the starting time of a lunisolar calendar year or Chinese lunar calendar which is based on the moon cycles months.

Recently, Mass Shooting suspect killed 10 people in Lunar New Year Celebration 2023 in California

It is more well-known celebrations as New Year's Day in the Chinese Calendar

The Lunar New Year celebrations comes for the same day across the regions of East Asian cultural

Another interesting facts is the Chinese-Mongols also celebrate their "Mongolian New Year" as per the Chinese lunisolar calendar

South Asian people celebrate it as months of Lunar Sidereal Year

Indian regions celebrate solar new year as Gudi Padwa, Ugadi Puthandu and Chaitra Navaratri

Nisg̱a'a people enjoy this Lunar New Year as Hobiyee (Hoobiyee) in February and March in North America

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