Recently, NBA charged a fine of $25000 to Nikola Jokic for making contact with Suns owner

Nikola's net worth is estimated arround of $30 Million as of now

Jokic is a 28 years young-handsome player and was born on 19th  February 1995

Sportive Jokić started his professional career in Serbia just before the Denver Nuggets in 2014

Luckily Jokić came from a basketball family and his older brothers also playing professionally in Serbia

Jokic's Relationship status: He got married to his high school time sweetheart, Natalija Macesic

Jokić faced a controversy in an on-court altercation with Co-player Morris of the Washington Wizards in Nov 2019

His interesting facts and top secrets: he is best known for his unique playing style and also enjoys playing table tennis