Corach Rambler Horse won the 175th Grand National race which was took place at Aintree three days festival

Horse Racing

Derek Fox is the rider of winner Rambler in the horses competition

There are 40 horses taken part in the competing for the top prize

Approximately, 70,000-strong crowd gathered as witnessed to watch the race

Including winner Corach, Aint That A Shame, and Delta Work were the top contenders in the favorite list

The 175th Grand National bets covered four-and-a-half miles of the course

Due to the size of the racing field, the Bookmakers pay out on the top 6 places

In the race, Sam Waley-Cohen and his dashing horse Noble Yeats created history as the first amateur jockey to win the race

Interestingly, the horse Noble Yeats got returning this year with odds of 50-1

This event was the witnessed of millions viewers tuning across the world as a renowned sporting event

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