Naga Panchmi is the festival of snakes in India. People Worships variuos types of snakes alongwith family

This festival has an interesting history and significant knowledgeable stories connected with culture

Naga Panchami is the worship day of Nagas or snakes observed in throughout India, Nepal, and other countries

Indian people offer milk to snakes and worship with flowers, garlands and sing traditional songs

As per scientific facts and figures, snake does not drink milk but mythologically it happens in India

Nag Panchmi festival celebrated in Savan Month every Year and in 2022 it is coming on 2nd of August

According to Skand Puran, all your wishes and dreams come true by worshiping snakes on Nagpanchmi fest

Mythological stories indicate that God gets happy if you offer milk to snakes on the Nagpanchmi Festival

Kuber will have special eyes on you, on offering foods and dishes to Brahmin and donating liquid on Nagpanchmi

Naga Panchami or Nag Puja in India dates back to 3,000 BCE since the time of Indus Valley Civilization