Coco Lee was a well known singer,  dancer, songwriter, record producer, and actress from Hong Kong–born settled in America


Recently, Actress Lee died by suicide at the age of 48 as her siblings said

Lee's net worth was $3 million at the time of her death

Birthday: Dancer Coco was born on 17th Jan in 1975 in British Hong Kong

She made her career in singing, acting, and songwritering and gained international recognition for her pop music

Education background: Coco went to the University of California, Berkeley for bioengineering

Musical Family: Her mother was a piano teacher and father was a saxophonist

Relationship Status: Coco Lee got married to a businessman, Bruce Rockowitz in 2011

Before her marriage, Lee had been in Love Affairs with NBA basketball player LeBron James

There was no major controversy in the Lee's life, as she has largely maintained a positive public image

Interesting Facts Top Secrets: She was the first and only Asian star who performed at the Oscars

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