Lil Tay was an American-born Canadian internet personality and child rapper professionally. Her real name wa Claire Eileen Qi Hope


Recently, social media personality and rapper Lil Tay died at 14 with her brother Jason Tian

Youtuber Lil Tay's net worth was around $500,000 dollars at the time of death

Lil Tay was sweet 14 years young star and born on May 29, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA

Claire Eileen Qi Hope's mother Angela Tian was a real estate agent and father Christopher J. Hope is a lawyer

Hope fell in problems due to controversial videos, which flaunted an extravagant lifestyle in 2018

The biggest achievement for Lil was 3.4 Million Instagram Followers in a short time

Interestingly, a three-episode tv documentary 'Life with Lil Tay' premiered in 2018

She belong to Canadian Nationality

By profession, Tay was an internet personality, social media Influencer, Rapper