Sri Krishna's name essentially implies dim complexioned. This can be perceived by his skin tone, which is for the most part portrayed as one or the other dark or blue.

Top 10 secrets about Sri Krishna

 Sri Krishna had 16,108 spouses, including his most renowned wife, Rukmini. Out of these ladies, the eight most noticeable spouses of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna has numerous different names, which is upto 180. The absolute most popular names are Gopal, Govind, Shyam, Hari, Ghanshyam, and so on.

Regardless of the detail in many pictures alongside Radha, Sri Krishna and Radha's Leela don't distinguish old sacred texts.

Almighty Lord Krishna doesn't progress in years. He holds the force of the universe inside his being. 

Sri Krishna Janmashtami

 As mentioned in the Puranas the Ekalavya, the most popular toxophilite of hindu folklore, was killed by Lord Krishna

 Hindu lord Krishna is viewed as the resurrection of God. He has comparable power and greatness as that of the accounts of Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Abraham, Moses, and the Bab.

Sri Krishna passed on the grounds that it is said that he had been reviled by various individuals, for the most part Gandhari and sage Durvasa

 Sri Krishna restored his Guru Sandipani Muni's child. In line with his Guru alongside Balrama, his sibling, Lord Krishna, had headed out to the God of Death of Yama.

Lord Krishna is likewise a part of the Jain religion. There is notice of his name in Buddhism as well as Baha'i confidence religion.