Tomorrowland is an electronic and pop music festival hosted in Boom, Belgium, annually for 21 days

Walt Disney Company has been hosting Disneyland's Tomorrowland in its third generation successfully

This musical event will attract approx 600,000 visitors from July 15th to 31th actoss the globe for entertainment

So many people from 133 countries will step-in to make fun at Tomorrowland Musical Event in Boom

Amazingly, approx 800 renowned artists will perform on 15 stages on a site to entertain the visitors

You can watch this event at home. Tomorrowland’s "One World TV" will broadcast & livestream audio and video

People can enjoy the festival through Tomorrowland App for video and One World Radio for audio

Musica Lovers can come with thier girlfriends, boyfriends, Husband, wife or anyone else to entertain yourself

Brussels Airlines 'Amare' will bring more than 25000 visitors to the event with the partnership of Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland one day ticket costs 88-110 Euros and for three-day costs 225-272 Euros approximately

Those who are interested to enjoy the festival can register by visiting at Website