Earthquake of Magnitude 5.5 Strikes Offshore Northern California Region

Earthquake of Magnitude 5.5 Strikes Offshore Northern California Region


The Earthquake in the Northern California region of around of Magnitude 5.5 struck on Sunday. Read here to learn more. 

CALIFORNIA, MAY 22 (WAM) 2023 — The US Geological Survey (USGS) reports that a 5.5-magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of northern California on Sunday, with no recorded damage or injuries.

According to the USGS, the earthquake struck at a depth of 10 kilometers (6 miles) and happened 108 kilometers (67 km) west of Petrolia, a rural settlement of around 1,000 inhabitants in Humboldt County.

To let you know, earthquakes happen quite frequently in California.

The most recent deadly earthquake in the region was a magnitude 6.4 quake that struck Northern California in December, approximately 5 km (3 miles) offshore, wounding at least 12 people and killing 2.

So, according to the USGS, a few smaller towns in the sparsely inhabited area of northern California also experienced light shaking during this Earthquake in the northern California region that happened on Sunday, 21st May 2023.

A Bit More On The History Of Earthquakes in the Northern California Region

Yes, California is quite famous for frequent earthquakes around the world.

To let you know, California often experiences two to three earthquakes per year that are strong enough to moderately damage buildings (magnitude 5.5 and higher).

So, every season of the year in the Californian region is susceptible to earthquakes.

Besides, in case you don’t know, two-thirds of the earthquake risk in the United States is concentrated in California.

Therefore, natives, there are all aware that California is an earthquake-prone state.

But, what is the reason behind this? You must be pondering this!

According to sources, in order to allow for lateral motion between the Pacific and North American plates, numerous malfunctions in California have arisen ever since the San Andreas Fault system was created 25–30 million years ago.

Following expert opinions, this might be one of the biggest reasons for the intense frequency and occurrence of earthquakes in California.

However, are you aware of your local risk? Yes, it is a valid question to ask yourself if you live in California or somewhere near that.

Be alert and prepared always!

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